When the worst happens, having a tested Disaster Recovery plan and robust services in place, make a significant difference

Are you confident that your data and systems are available and resilient? Could you recover data, systems, processes and people if you needed to?

We here at Boomslang are able to assist in the design and development of disaster recovery planning and solutions.

Disaster Recovery Planning
We can help manage and plan your Disaster Recovery solutions. From Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives to High Availability and Fault Tolerance.
High Availability
A highly available solution can reduce or even eliminate downtime in the event a disaster was to disrupt your business continuity. We can help plan, design or do all of the work for you.
No matter how much you plan for it, there should always be a contingency to get data and services back in the event of total failure, or even just accidental deletion. Assist, plan or manage, we are here of offer our on the job expertise.