Plan. Architect. Migrate. Support. Conversation. Direction. Helping with all aspects of the cloud journey

The question of moving a service, website, application or even the whole infrastructure to the cloud...or not, can be a challenging one. We can help with making sense of this decision and the transition to the cloud for you and your company.

Why Cloud?

Cost Effective
No longer is there the need to purchase bulky, hard hitting, top of the range hardware to be available in case your solution might peak for a few minutes a week. Instead using cloud you pay just for the resources that are used and no longer need to upgrade hardware at the end of its lifecycle. Pay-As-You-Go and Enterprise Agreement models of pricing are available to further refine costs.
Solution Adaptability
The design and complexity of a cloud solution can be tailored to an individual organisation. If there are security reasons why something cannot move to the cloud, designs can be a mixture of Iaas/Paas/SaaS and Hybrid solutions.
It would be a lie to say the cloud never goes down, it does, however there are design options available to make all aspects, with the correct design, so highly available that any downtime will not impact business continuity, leaving your organization free to continue operating without the worry of lengthy periods of interruption.

Our Cloud Services

Azure Cloud
We offer services from the highest level of the design and complete management of an Azure Cloud environment down to troubleshooting and remote assistance of an existing environment.
We offer full migration services to move all or part of your current on premises enviromnet to the cloud (see our 5 step migration below).
Managed Support
We can effectively manage your cloud platform. From cost and performance optimisation through to routine maintenance and support.

If you chose to embark on a cloud solution, we can help by utilising all or part of our 5 part approach for cloud migration


  • Our consultants will work with your organisation to view your expexted outcome for moving to the cloud

  • We will assess together whether cloud migration is an appropriate fit for your business goals


  • We will work with you to assess and discover all of the current infrastructure in place.

  • Size it up to alocate estimates for costing and to see what type of cloud venture would best suit your organisation.

  • Incorporating the best security principles within the cloud environment and any particular security or legislative adherances needed by the organisation into the agreed design.


  • Building of all network components in the cloud and adopting the current infrastructure network for communication

  • Creating new virtual systems to accomodate systems that cannot be migrated in a "Lift and Shift" approach

  • Migration of supported Applications into the cloud

  • Like for like "Lift and Shift" migrations to the cloud of systems as they currently are


  • Migration of applications and functions to a Serverless model using a PaaS - Platform as a Service and SaaS - Software as a Service model

  • Utilisation of Application Services for applications and websites that can forgo an IaaS load

  • Migrating of Databases to a Managed SQL state to avoid IaaS and staff overhead

  • Creation of a Dev/Test environment where applicable


  • We are able to look after your cloud environment and provide continued ongoing support
  • Support and contact is avaialble in varied forms to ensure we can be reached in agreed hours by either phone, e-mail or chat
  • We offer varied tailored SLA's to suit your organisations needs